Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations and Trains:

1.  I just made my train reservations, what next?
     A.  If you gave your email address you will receive an email confirmation.  When you arrive at the train station you may pick up your tickets on the 2nd floor of the station at our ticket office.

2.  Can I bring food or alcohol on the train?
      A. You may bring food on the train but we do not allow anyone to bring alcohol on the train.  Saturday night Murder Mystery trains do include a bartender on board.

3.  What time do I need to be there to board the train?
     A.  We recommend you arrive approximately 45 minutes before departure to allow time for parking, picking up tickets and boarding.  We begin boarding approximately 30 minutes before departure.

4.  When the train arrives at the station, what is being added into the steam locomotive with that big black pipe?
     A.  Water.  This is called a penstock and is used to load water into the tender for our trip up the mountain.  

5.  Can I have an extension on my gift card, credit, or comp ticket?
     A.  Call the reservation office to get an answer from a manager.  Depending on expiration date on any of the above referenced tickets, you may or may not be able to obtain an extension.

6.  What can we do in Frostburg during our layover?
      A.  After your arrival the engine will be turned on the turntable where many people enjoy watching.  Many locations are available in Frostburg for lunch and The Thrasher Carriage Museum is free to our guests.

Our Steam Locomotive:

1.  What does the steam locomotive operate on?
     A.  Coal.  In addition to the stoker our fireman shovels coal as we travel up the mountain.

2.  What is a Stoker and is it automatic?  
     A.  The stoker is a separate small 2 cylinder steam engine on the locomotive that runs an auger to feed coal into the firebox.  Nothing on our steam locomotive is automatic, the Fireman turns a valve to feed the coal into the firebox.  

3.  How long does it take to fire up the steam engine?
     A.  Our hostler comes in at 3 am for 11:30 am train.  It takes approximately 6-7 hours to get the steam locomotive to enough pressure to be able to move.

4.  How much steam pressure does the boiler hold?
     A.  200 lbs of steam pressure.  The fireman runs the steam engine on 190-195 lbs of steam pressure.  

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