Chesapeake & Ohio Steam #1309

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Chesapeake & Ohio 1309 has arrived in Cumberland, MD for restoration and later operation on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.


This Locomotive is special for several reasons.  C&O 1309 WAS THE LAST STEAM LOCOMOTIVE BUILT BY BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS FOR A DOMESTIC RAILROAD.  Once restored, this locomotive will also be the LARGEST ARTICULATED STEAM LOCOMOTIVE IN REGULAR OPERATION IN THE USA!  Once restored, we will be operating every weekend from May - December.  Articulated explains the front wheels movement around curves.  This locomotive was built for tight turns and steep grades and is perfect for our Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.


We would like to thank CSX for the donation of the move across their lines and the use of a flatcar, TTX for the donation of the use of 1 specialized heavy duty flat car, B&O Museum and Hulcher for their help in planning and executing this magnificent undertaking!  We would also like to thank TRAINS Magazine and Chase Gunnoe for providing such terrific coverage and live feed of the entire move to Cumberland. 


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B&O Railroad Museum announces the transfer of Chesapeake & Ohio #1309 Steam Locomotive to Western Maryland Scenic Railroad for restoration and operation.


The B&O Museum of Baltimore, MD, Western Maryland Scenic Railroad and WMSR Foundation are going full steam ahead with even more exciting news of rail preservation! The transfer of C&O steam locomotive 1309 (2-6-6-2) to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad of Cumberland, MD will be an incredible milestone for steam operations in the USA! With this transfer, the B&O Railroad Museum and Western Maryland Scenic Railroad will be preserving steam locomotive history for generations to come. As one of the largest steam locomotives in the USA, this locomotive will be restored to its former glory and will be in operation on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The Baldwin Locomotive Works built #1309 in September of 1949 as its last commercially built steam locomotive for use by a railroad in the USA.

 C&O steam locomotive #1309 arrived at the B&O Museum in 1972 and has been preserved and displayed for generations of families to enjoy.  May 6, 2014 at 13:09 (1:09PM) Western Maryland Scenic Railroad announced the transfer of #1309 for restoration and operation. 

Courtney B. Wilson, Director of the B&O Railroad Museum said “This historic agreement is a win-win for railroad preservation. It ensures the long-term preservation and restoration of an important steam locomotive which is central to our mission.”

Mark Farris, President of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Board of Directors said “With the full support of the Board of Directors, the continued efforts of the executive directors, staff and employees of the WMSR have allowed for the growth and prosperity of our wonderful tourist attraction in Western Maryland.  These efforts have provided the resources to give the WMSR the opportunity to acquire locomotive 1309, restore it, and place it back into service in a wonderful mountainous setting where thousands of people can enjoy the sights and sounds of a bygone era.”

The locomotive has been moved to the B&O Railroad Museum’s restoration facility in preparation for shipment to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad shops. Once this is complete, the locomotive will travel by rail on specialized flat cars pulled by CSX.

Don’t miss out on this incredible historic venture unfolding at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in Cumberland, MD. Make sure you join the WMSR Foundation and are following our Facebook page for all of the most up to date info.  If you would like to donate to the restoration of C&O #1309 you may contact the WMSR rail preservation group, WMSR Foundation, where you can join, volunteer and donate to rail preservation projects.  For more information go to our website or call 301-759-4400 Ext 130 or 800 TRAIN50 Ext 130.   Preserving rail heritage for future generations at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.




History and Fact Sheet of C&O 2-6-6-2 #1309 Steam Locomotive.

The History:

Called the "Mallet" (pronounced Mallay), #1309 was one of the last types of steam locomotives retired when diesel-electric engines came into the picture. The Mallet is a compound locomotive that was created by Swiss mechanical engineer Anatole Mallet in 1885 for the Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz Railway in France. The locomotive is called "compound" because it uses the steam twice, first for the rear set of high pressure cylinders and second for the low pressure front cylinders. On the locomotive there are two cross compound air compressors mounted on the smoke box door to supply enough air for frequent heavy braking for use in heavy mountain railroading. The design made its debut in the United States when American Locomotive Company "ALCO" constructed a 0-6-6-0 compound Mallet for the B&O in 1904.  In 1910 the C&O changed to their version of the 2-6-6-2 compound locomotive that helped drag coal through even more mountainous areas and tighter curves in West Virginia and Kentucky.


The Baldwin Locomotive Works built #1309 in September of 1949 as its last Class 1 mainline domestic steam locomotive and the last to be commercially built by Baldwin.  They ordered 25, 2-6-6-2, mallet type locomotive in 1948.  At this time, steam locomotives had been in production for over 100 years and over 70,000 had been built to date.  A problem arose when one of the worst labor unrest hit the coal fields in 1949 when the mines only worked 170 days that year.  C&O was forced to then cancel the last 15 of the locomotives due to the economic state of the railroad. The locomotives arrived on the C&O in1949 and were assigned to the H-6 class with the numbers of 1300-1309.  The new locomotives built, #1300-1309, were to replace the older ones that were at the end of their serviceable lives and were essentially duplicates of the class H-6 type built in the early 1920’s.  They were the last of a series of 2-6-6-2s that the Chesapeake & Ohio began in 1911.

Although the locomotives were stored on the railroad for years before the C&O started scrapping them, some steam locomotives were saved for donation to communities along the railroad. The last H-6 #1309 was saved and stored at Russell, KY for years until it was sent to the Huntington Shops, along with K-4 #2705 and J-3a #614, for cosmetic restoration.  After the restoration, the three locomotives were shipped in a special train to the B&O Museum in 1977.   C&O #1309 has been preserved and displayed at the B&O Railroad Museum for generations of families to enjoy.  Now, after arriving at the shops of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad she will be restored for operation.  

Fact Sheet of C&O #1309 Steam Locomotive
Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works
Total produced – 10 (1300-1309)
Build Date – 1949
Configuration – 2-6-6-2
Type – H6
Gauge – Standard
Driver Diameter – 56 in
Wheelbase – 48.8 ft
Length – 99.7 ft
Locomotive Weight – 434,900 lb
Tender Weight – 208,200 lb
Tender Type – 12-RC
Fuel Type – Coal
Water Capacity - 12,000 US gal
Tender Capacity – 15 ton
Boiler – 96 in
Boiler Pressure – 210 psi
Firegrate area – 72 sq ft
Heating surface 4,830 sq ft
Superheater type – A
Superheater Area – 991 sq ft
Cylinders – 4
Valve Gear - Walschaerts
A Division of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 13 Canal Street, Cumberland, MD 21502 301-759-4400